The Worship Manual, by Sarenina Bonner
The Worship Manual, by Sarenina Bonner

The Worship Manual, by Sarenina Bonner

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“You can sing! But are you anointed?”

“You are gifted! But are you teachable?”

Leading God’s people in worship under an open heaven requires a prayer life, a relationship with God and so much more. Written by a seasoned Worship Leader, The Worship Manual covers topics that are not often discussed in books on worship. It addresses a problem in the local church where people are promoted based on evidence of talent without cultivating their gifts and developing their spiritual maturity for worship ministry. We must recognize that Worship Leaders are still children of God that need equipping and teaching to be a leader of worship off the stage more than on the stage. This book covers all areas from having a lifestyle of worship to hearing the voice of God clearly for direction in worship.

Worship leaders will gain the practical wisdom and steps for application that enhance your worship leading and ability to flow as well as your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This manual also instructs leaders of the music ministry and worship teams on how to develop their teams with excellence in ministry.

Worship Leaders and teams will learn:

  • the importance of a lifestyle of worship
  • how to worship prophetically and effectively
  • how to submit to a local church house
  • the four different types of worshippers
  • intercession in worship and so much more

Written with an anointed, Kingdom view of worship, The Worship Manual, by Sarenina Bonner equips leaders and worshipers in the powerful expression God gave us known as worship. It masterfully breaks down the complexity of worship, identifies what makes us worshipers, how to effectively lead worship, and develop worship leaders and teams.  It also provides a robust section of prayers, practical exercises, and a glossary of terms. This book is a necessary, how-to manual to experience purposeful worship that is pleasing to God which leads to an open heaven and builds the body of Christ.

(Paperback, 158, published by Watersprings Publishing, March 2019)