Balancing the Weight

Part 2: from last week's blog: The Burden of the Crown

The glory of God is uncontainable, unmeasurable and unduplicatable. We are children of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  We are heirs to God’s throne and co-heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:17) Nevertheless, the burden of this crown is weighted in responsibility but also in promise. 

Now, the question becomes what do we do with what God has called us to do in a life that constantly pulls on with responsibilities?

The answer is, we balance the weight of the crown by balancing each area of our life spiritually, emotionally and physically.  It’s not hard to notice areas of imbalance in our lives.  Personally, know when I am overwhelmed it affects my disposition, attitude and even how I speak to my children or spouse.  When I hear myself answering them with abruptness, it reveals my internal weight. I then recognize that I must balance with my weight so that it doesn’t impact the ones I love. This requires introspection and application without excuses.  Understand that having a reason for why you feel overwhelmed is no excuse to avoid dealing with it. 

I’ve learned that if we don’t balance our weights, something or someone will do it for us.  (i.e.: a financial crisis, a health scare, a job loss or a separation or divorce.)  I’ve recently discovered the liberty in the word no.  I try my best to accommodate people and their need of me as a mom, wife, mother of three, Minister and Entrepreneur.  However, when if I am unable to handle the request, the guilt sets in and now it becomes an unnecessary burden on my life. The bottom line is that we cannot say yes to something we know we cannot give proper care or attention to. Nor should we be made to feel guilty when we say no.  There is liberation in the word “no.”

Whatever you must lay aside, put down or kneel in response to, do it with intentionality and harmony and it will lead you to a liberated place. I invite you to take the next 7 days and challenge yourself in the area of weights.