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Becoming God's Dwelling Place, 30-Day Devotional

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Love letters (a.k.a testimonials)

"I received my book and when I held it, my eyes filled with tears. It’s a beautiful, hard cover with bright and happy colors. I love being able to rewrite the scripture, writing my own thoughts based on the scripture and writing my personal prayer and affirmation. It is revamping my quiet time to being more engaged. I look forward to internalizing more scripture to help me overcome."
-K. Gordon, Queens, NY


"Athena C. Shack, One of the many gifts that God has placed in you has been helping me to "deal" with "it". This journal is not like any other journal on the market. It helps you to dig deep and really heal. Losing my dad so abruptly w/o any warning was one of the toughest moments of my life. I had no time to brace for impact. Through journaling "this" type of way, I am now able to face today better than I have."
-T. Charles, Middletown, New York

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