Dwelling Place, Journal
Dwelling Place, Journal
Dwelling Place, Journal

Dwelling Place, Journal

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Dwelling Place 

Becoming God's Dwelling Place, One Scripture at a Time 

30-Day Scripture Writing Journal 

 As believers in Christ, we know that God is a refuge for us or a place that we can go and be safe.  When we are in a relationship with God, we seek to be in the presence of God and abide, live or dwell with God. But can God be a dwelling place in your heart and in your life -- in EVERY season of your life?  Can God move into your heart, your mind, and your Spirit permanently?  We make space for God, occasionally, but to dwell means to occupy the space.

When God dwells in you, God is able to move freely through you and empower you to do what God has called you to do.  Being a dwelling place for the Almighty God means that we are not controlled by our fleshly nature, or easily moved by the winds of life’s trials. In order to become a dwelling place for the Spirit of God to live in us, it requires obedience and intentionality on self-work, our prayer life, devotional time and quality time with God.


FORMAT: Hardcover

SIZE: 6" x 9"

# OF PAGES: 125